To tell you the truth

everybody lies ...

by Gilly Macmillan

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"The story starts with two voices — the first from a 9-year old child, and the second from a successful novelist, Lucy Harper.  Soon you realise they are one and the same.

Lucy’s bestselling crime books about DS Eliza Grey has gained her fame and wealth; it has also bought her the jealousy and envy of her husband and assistant Dan.
Then he goes missing.
As a child Lucy’s younger brother Teddy goes missing in the middle on the night – does Lucy know more about both disappearances than she’s telling?
This novel drew me in immediately.  I held my breath to the very last page.  One of the best page-turners I have read this year - Excellent.
I would like to thank NetGalley and Penguin Random House for the opportunity of reading an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review - this book is due for release on June 25, 2020.

The Midnight Library

One Library, Infinite Lives

by Matt Haig

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I fell into listening to The Midnight Library. I had heard of the Author but knew had not read this book description. This book deserves my 5-star rating.

We follow the trials & disappointments of Nora and her life filled with guilt. Matt Haig reminds us that even a ‘perfect life’ has some regrets. I have never read a clearer or more straightforward depiction of how anxiety, depression or thoughts of suicide can overtake your everyday thinking.

Choose one thing every day to celebrate; some days, choose two because there will always be days that you are unable to choose any.

“The game is never over until it is over. It isn’t over if there is a single pawn still on the board.” - @MattHaig1 #TheMidnightLibrary.