The Midnight Library

One Library, Infinite Lives

by Matt Haig

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I fell into listening to The Midnight Library. I had heard of the Author but knew had not read this book description. This book deserves my 5-star rating.

We follow the trials & disappointments of Nora and her life filled with guilt. Matt Haig reminds us that even a ‘perfect life’ has some regrets. I have never read a clearer or more straightforward depiction of how anxiety, depression or thoughts of suicide can overtake your everyday thinking.

Choose one thing every day to celebrate; some days, choose two because there will always be days that you are unable to choose any.

“The game is never over until it is over. It isn’t over if there is a single pawn still on the board.” - @MattHaig1 #TheMidnightLibrary.

Daisy Darker

by Alice Feeney

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Everyone in the family has been invited to join Beatrice (Nana) Darker celebrate her upcoming 80th birthday, on October 31st. The celebration is to be held at her home on the island. There is time limited access to the island, but her family know this.

Narrated by Daisy Darker herself, she is also the first to arrive at her Nana’s house, closely followed by Frank Darker, Daisy’s father and Beatrice’s only child.

Nancy is no longer married to Daisy’s father, but she is a frequent visitor to the island, more so than Frank.

Daisy has two older sisters – Rose and Lily.
Lily has only has one daughter, Trixie.
Connor grew up around their home and as a result became part of the family.

There are lovely intricates written into the story that just gives depth to the family members, like Beatrice’s collection of 80 clocks, Nancy’s love of flowers and Trixie’s obsession with the colour pink.

For the first few chapters, I thought it was going to be a family story.

Purely by chance, I have just read 2 Alice Feeney books back-to-back. Again, I was convinced I knew the ending of this book (as I thought the last), and just sat back to enjoy her storytelling, but goodness me, I wasn’t even partially on the right path.

The story feels both familiar and unexpected.  The events, both past and present gives us moments of pause, then hurtles us into the next one.

I won’t spoil the story for the Ms Feeney’s readers, but needless to say they are in for a great treat.

Alice Feeney has quite easily become one of the top 10 authors to that I will always buy/read all of their works and their back catalogues.  

I would also like to thank Stephanie Racine for her wonderful narration.  Her acting skills along with the storyline caught my attention from the very start of the novel.
I would like to thank #NetGalley and Macmillan UK Audio for the opportunity of reading this advanced copy of #DaisyDarker in exchange for my own honest review. This book is due for release on August 18, 2022.