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How do you market Virtual Assistance Services?

Whenever I see this question, and I frequently run across it in my business, I am always baffled what individuals think a Virtual Assistant is. So, let's start there.

Virtual Assistant (VA) – A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client's office. A virtual assistant typically works from a home office but can access the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely.

That sounds like a clear definition but does not answer why would someone hire one. I'm going to reverse that question, a bit. How would a business owner benefit from skilled support?

In my example, the business owner is named Reynold Cassidy. Reynold started a small gardening business in the last year and a half, but not just mowing lawns and weeding, more landscaping design on a small scale.

To begin with, he photographed the projects 'before and after' pictures as a record for the homeowners. Then he started using them as evidence to show his prospective clients in a portfolio folder.

To attract new clients, it was suggested he created a Facebook page and showcase his work there, well that must easy enough, right?

What about putting them on your website too? Well, Reynolds Stylish Gardens doesn't have a website, but several companies offer DIY websites that only takes an hour to put together.

Ok, let's stop here for a moment, so far, he is performing the following roles within his company:

  • Planning and designing garden layouts

  • Sourcing resources for the gardens

  • Keeping a record of expenses

  • Project Managing the timings of the work

  • Recruiting contractors - Carpentry, Electricians, or/and Builders as needed

  • Paying contractors

  • Photography of the premises before the work began and when completed

  • Transportation of the heavy specialised equipment

  • Invoicing of services

  • Creation of Facebook page for business

  • Creating Facebook posts

  • Building a Website

  • Maintaining the new images

  • Running adverts for the company in the local arena

I know I must have missed at least five roles that Reynold performs, but we start to get a picture of what his working days and weeks must resemble.

In the beginning, nothing is too much for most business owners genuinely believe they can handle every role required to be performed within their company. Still, as we can determine from the number of things on Reynold's to-do list, this leads to long hours, exhaustion and no ability to grow the business in the long run – He can only be all things to everyone for so long.

This is where the benefits of an experienced VA come into play. Let's go through some of the tasks:

  • Sourcing resources; Finding contractors (Research),

  • Expenses; Paying contractors; Invoicing of services (Finance admin),

  • Contractor timings (Project Management)

  • Building websites; Maintaining website; Creating Facebook pages; Facebook posts; Using new images; Adverts (Social Media Marketing)

So, as you can see quite quickly, a VA would be in a real position to take the pressure off Reynold on a daily/weekly basis.

VAs detail their particular skill sets; unlike a permanent staff member, they are only contracted to his business when they are needed – one-off project or retainer rates for an ongoing relationship.

"The purpose of going into business is to expand beyond your existing horizons."

You can scale your business with the help of the right VA. Get the talent you need, with the professionalism you want, on a budget you can afford.

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