• Glen Sealy

How balance will help you attract more clients

How many times have you felt uninspired, or frustrated, but you just kept over-stretching yourself? Why do we all (sometimes) keep our minds set to work/study/writing mode instead of listening to what our spirit needs?

How much better do you feel when you allow yourself to take an online Barre class, or break open the new Val McDermid book? Just for a short period.

I love reading. I usually have a book (audio, physical or digital) with me, and always reading at least a couple at the same time. Saying that, there are some days, I find excuses why I cannot take 30 minutes to quietly sit and read with a cup of coffee, my other true love.

A piece of advice I received was, treat yourself as you would your best friend. If you saw your friend feeling low, you would etch out time to be with them; find out what they needed and try to facilitate it.

If you treat yourself with the same thoughtfulness, you will be surprised just how that shows up in the way you hold yourself.

I am sure I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, but when you feel balanced on the inside, you give off confidence, an alluring light, which shines out of everything you do.

Most of us are curious about people who seem to have an air about them, be it welcoming, acceptance or confidence. We are charmed to what we perceive to be their ability to be accepting of themselves, with (sometimes) a smile in their eyes.

Now, I’m not particularly eager to engage with showy salespeople, so I’m not referring to pushy confident types that force products you don’t want and may never use.

No, I’m talking about when you engage with someone that is offering you are a way to meet your needs, in an excited, but calm manner, not desperate, whilst still saying “I am content within my space” Balanced.

It is with this type of confidence you will attract clients. When you are asking individuals to buy your book, to take your course, hire your coaching ability or to be part of their eco-system as a Virtual Assistant, they need you to convey that ‘I’ve got you’ air, that comes from allowing balance; that will enable them to have confidence in you to push forward with their own journey.

Teach your strengths, engage people with your confidence and know your business.

If you believe in the work you are offering, that confidence allows potential clients to trust you, and people work with those that inspire them. So, head up, eyes forward and let your belief in yourself and in your business to encourage others to pursue theirs.

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